About Us – Mission & Responsibility

SkyH2O’s only works with world-class “best-of-breed” suppliers and partners who also are attentive to human, social, environmental and ethical issues related to the management of water resources. We are committed to providing technology solutions that are environmentally sound and respectful of each communities needs.

SkyH2O develops sensible, sustainable, and profitable projects that produce potable water that meet WHO standards. We strive to preserve America’s natural environments by locating water facilities at/near the most effective locations typically by existing reservoirs thus preserving farming, endangered habitat, flora and fauna. We strive to improve communities through significant water project infrastructure investments and by creating valuable local sustainable jobs that will provide long-term local economic stability. Valuable community benefits can include:

  • Stimulate sustainable economic development
  • Increase the diversity and reliability of the water mix “portfolio”
  • Provide clean-tech education, job training and new employment opportunities
  • Improve public health
  • Promote stable water prices

SkyH2O is a San Francisco Bay Area (USA) based Clean Technology and triple-bottom-line …People, Planet, Profit… impact company. SkyH2O’s mission is to be the World leading AWG business for commercial, industrial and utility applications