SkyH2O has taken the pledge of contributing minimum 1% of the companies equity, product and employee time to philanthropy.  SkyH2O and our stakeholders are community minded and aligned with a social mission that prioritizes having a positive impact on the World.  As a triple-bottom-line …People, Planet & Profit …impact company, SkyH2O is being built with a culture of giving back to the Global community.

Already today about 3.5 billion people Worldwide live under water stress. Due to climate change “global warming”, the ruthless exploitation of underground water sources, and pollution it is expected there will be Worldwide by 2050 about 50% less fresh water available while the growing World’s population thirsts require about 50% more fresh potable water.

SkyH2O is creating a new infrastructure investment class by scaling, innovating and advancing industrial atmospheric water generation (“AWG”) technology, systems and and projects.  Sky H2O’s industrial-grade AWG can be effectively deployed in a distributed manner, specifically where water is needed most, including at or near existing reservoir infrastructure enabling water security, self-reliance and independence – “Water 4.0”.

Currently SkyH2O is evaluating investments from well-qualified investors for both Corporate growth and AWG Project financing.

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