SkyH2O’s atmospheric water generation (“AWG”) system the AWS MAXIMUS 4.10™ is designed for commercial, industrial and government applications and rated to produce about 10,500 liters per day (+3,000 gallons per day)  of fresh potable water that meets WHO standards.

The AWS MAXIMUS 4.10 can be applied as a stand-alone system or as a “building block” within larger AWG projects starting at 50,000 liters per day with unlimited expansion potential.

SkyH2O is an industrial-grade water generating systems and independent water provider (“IWP”). SkyH2O utilizes groundbreaking, unique and proven Atmospheric Water Generation (“AWG”) technology to provide water districts and municipalities, and large commercial and industrial water users with fresh potable water. SkyH2O’s AWS is a disruptive technology/solution that can be rapidly (…typically under 1-year) deployed in a distributed manner, specifically where water is needed most, including at/near existing reservoir infrastructure enabling water security, self-reliance and independence – “Water 4.0” .