SkyH2O Station™

A Sustainable Water Security Solution

“Municipalities across the globe face significant challenges to provide fresh drinking water to their residents. Current implemented “solutions” are further stressing a shrinking underground water source, while creating a huge one-time-plastic problem that threatens our planet and our own existence”.

SkyH2O is rolling-out SkyH2O STATIONS “The Ultimate in Water Sustainability, Security & Resiliency” in water stressed communities across America.

  • SkyH2O is implementing a Project Based global strategy that uses the air to create water.
  • The solution is: Scalable and Replicable anywhere in the world with good atmospheric conditions.
  • The SkyH2O StationTM is built upon our own technology: The AWG Maximus 4260™ system.
  • Each site produces between 100,000 and 200,000Lts of water per day.
  • We are at the initial stage of rolling-out of Phase I, 10 projects.
  • These projects will provide premium drinking water at a most competitive price in each of their markets.
  • They also provide local authorities and residents with water security during natural catastrophes.

SkyH2O invites Professionals, Strategic Partners and Impact Investors to accelerate Business and Project Development across America, and Worldwide.

If you would like more information about SkyH2O Stations, please contact us via email or call.