SkyH2O AWG projects utilize it’s world-class, groundbreaking, and proven industrial-grade Atmospheric Water System  (“AWS” ), the AWS MAXIMUS 4.10™, as a “building block” to provide communities and water districts, and large commercial and industrial water users with a meaningful amount of reliable fresh potable water.

SkyH2O AWG projects start at a capacity of about 50,000 liters per day with unlimited modular expansion.

Water costs in typical locations are expected to be about US$25.00/M3 without energy, and all-in including CapEx, OpEx and EnergyEx about US$40.00/M3 assuming energy cost of US$0.05/kwh over a 20-year operational life.

SkyH2O offers a “fast track” program for water stressed communities and businesses that begins with an up to 120-day Feasibility Study and Project Assessment, followed by an about 6-month manufacturing/delivery and  EPC construction period. In many cases SkyH2O can deliver users with fresh potable water from project begin to completion in less than 1-year.

SkyH2O is a San Francisco Bay Area (USA) based Clean Technology and triple-bottom-line …People, Planet, Profit… impact company.  SkyH2O is driving a new infrastructure project investment category by innovating and advancing World-class Industrial-grade AWG technology, systems and projects.

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