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Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG)

We Create Clean Water from the Air

SkyH2O’s Atmospheric Water Generation (“AWG”) systems and projects supply fresh water for commercial, industrial and government applications, in most any location at anytime providing the ultimate in Water security, self-reliance and independence – “Water 4.0”

SkyH2O is leading a new Infrastructure Project Investment Class by innovating, advancing and scaling industrial-grade AWG technology, products and services. SkyH2O effectively combines up-stream (IP/technology + products) with down-stream (projects + financing) to most efficiently provide communities and water districts, and large commercial and industrial water users with fresh water.  AWG is a game-changing solution as it is a new water resource, and in some locations is more effective than the alternative water systems of forward/reverse osmosis (“RO”) including desalination or distillation, and is more environmentally friendly.

SkyH2O is a California innovation company with German engineering heritage that provides world-class industrial-grade water generating systems and projects. SkyH2O has invented groundbreaking, advanced and proven AWG technology engineered for commercial, industrial and government applications. SkyH2O’s flagship AWG MAXIMUS system is rated to produce 10,500 liters/day (2,775 gal/day), with an expected life of +25 years. Pre-engineered AWG projects start at about 30,000 liters/day (8,000 gal/day), and can be deployed in a distributed manner, specifically where water is needed most, including at/near existing reservoir infrastructure enabling – “Water 4.0″.

Where to deploy SkyH2O’s Atmospheric Water Generation systems (“AWG”) and Projects?

SkyH2O’s world-class, industrial-grade AWG should be deployed in a distributed manner (“DWG”), and specifically where water is needed most, including at or near existing reservoir infrastructure:

  • Communities with lack fresh water or contaminated ground water including aquifers and wells
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities for primary or emergency back-up fresh water generation
  • Commercial and Industrial facilities with mission critical water needs
  • Disaster relief with rapid response in case of emergencies and refugee facilities
  • Bottling facilities for beverages including bottled water
  • Food growing and processing facilities
  • Water vending machines
  • Military or Government for water security, self-reliance and independence


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SkyH2O is rolling-out Project-Based SkyH2O STATIONS

“The Ultimate in Water Sustainability, Security & Resiliency” in water stressed communities across America.

Municipalities across the globe face significant challenges to provide fresh drinking water to their residents. Current implemented “solutions” are further stressing a shrinking underground water source, while creating a huge one-time-plastic problem that threatens our planet and our own existence. Each SkyH2O Station will produce between 100,000 and 200,000 Lts of water per day.

Water Security, Self-Reliance and independence – "Water 4.0"

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Meet the AWG MAXIMUS 4260™

Mobile, Industrial Grade, Turn-Key Water Generation System

SkyH2O’s atmospheric water generation (“AWG”) system the AWG MAXIMUS 4260™ is designed for commercial, industrial and government applications and rated to produce about 10,500 liters per day (2,770 gallons per day)  of fresh potable water that meets WHO standards.

How SkyH2O contributes to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

At the UN summit in September 2015 the United Nations have officially announced the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They build on and succeed the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). SkyH2O contributes to a sustainable future with its innovations. SkyH2O supports the United Nations in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which create the framework for sustainable business practices at the economic, social and environmental levels.

SkyH2O has proudly partnered with WaterIsLife to collaborate on AWG impact projects.

Donate to WaterIsLife, a non-profit, to fund impact projects that effectively serve water impoverished people.
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What You Should Know
Fresh water has no substitute, which is why it’s impossible to talk about impact investing without also talking about investing in water. A global supply/demand imbalance is causing water to be viewed as a core commodity, much like oil. For sustainable investors and the world, this creates a flood of opportunity.

  • Understanding Water Supply LimitsWhere is the Water Going?
  • The Water Problem: Limited Supply + Chronic Underinvestment
  • The Water Solution: Investing in Water Innovations and Infrastructures
  • Return on Investing in Water

Industrial Uses for Atmospheric Water Generation

Municipal Water

Oil Rigs & Mining


Water Bottling Plants


Disaster Relief